Rahh, i got behind in my pattern challenge because I got stuck in hospital with Appendicitis!! Had to have an emergency operation and everything! I really wasn't expecting that to happen on my Wednesday, but I suppose no one plans this stuff really! I think the worst part was that my veins are so bad, they couldn't find them to put drips and lines in me to put me to sleep! But eventually it got sorted and now i'm on the road to recovery… phew!! Has anyone else had to go through this , gosh it's awful painful. I still feel like i've been stabbed and waiting for someone to fix me up! #appendicitis #appendicitissucks #appendectomy #art #ink #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #girlart #drawinginhospital #girl #draw #draweveryday

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Kat Kalindi Cameron is an illustrator and designer who licenses her artwork for fabric, stationary, apparel, home decor and more. If you are interested in using any artwork for licensing or commissions please email kat@teamkitten.com

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