Last day of #surtex today! :( #surtex2014

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 Last day of #surtex today! :( #surtex2014

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Kat Kalindi Cameron is an illustrator and designer who licenses her artwork for fabric, stationary, apparel, home decor and more. If you are interested in using any artwork for licensing or commissions please email


  • Jesse says:

    Synes du skal lytte til hjertet – kennje godt etter hva du ff8ler for e5 dele pe5 bloggen og dele kun det. Skriv om det som opptar deg og gir deg glede – og for all del, ikke la noen av leserne “diktere” deg. Ne5r jeg leser i kommentarfeltet hos deg, blir jeg ofte sle5tt av hvor mange merkelige og krevende spf8rsme5l du fe5r – virker som om enkelte ikke i det hele tatt forste5r hvor grensene ge5r. Og at du faktisk har et privatliv selv om du driver en blogg som denne.Se5 ve6r bevisst pe5 hvor grensene dine ge5r, og ikke la deg pe5virke til e5 flytte pe5 dem :)Ha en fin uke :)Lise

  • Luz says:

    weleh..weleh..2 hr lage yah?wkwkwk malemnya musti ajeb2 dulu zan..biar otak encer,gak tgenag,and jadi jago ngomong..pokoknya PD abis deh..wkwkwksukses Brooo pengen liat sidangnya lg super pindah gedung..hehe

  • Isna says:

    Yep, the Pro Black hybrid is one seruois piece of work. It is the most solid and most workable club I have ever tested. I had the Adams rep make one up with a stiffer Ozik shaft and tried it out yesterday and today.I am ordering the 18 degree myself with the Ozik X shaft. It is simply the best piece of work Adams has produced to date, which is many mouthfuls because I have tried/demoed about every one of their products for several years, and have been very pleased with them all.But THIS one Ooohhhh BABY!

  • Nina says:

    Wow that is truly super considering its in the teens for? otsdiue temp. Thanks for showing us that. If you had a fan forced heater in the house, you could take advantage of that 180 f. water if not for the entire house, at least for the living room /bedroom where you spend most of your time

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