Kids are back to school and Kindy after looooong holidays – me time now

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 Kids are back to school and Kindy after looooong holidays - me time now

After 6 weeks school holidays – the kids are back! It’s kinda good, kinda sad.  We actually had a great holiday break, visited the inlaws in Mackay (we did a big road trip!) at Christmas.
Then back on the Gold Coast to play with friends and in the last 2 weeks before school went back, Juni got her tonsils and adenoids out! YIKES! that was INTERESTING! She did so well, had a rough night the first night, but other than that – she was business as usual (except for not wanting to eat anything – that was HARD) She slept a lot and ate tiny bits of food – mostly with bribes like iceblocks and snakes lollies – anything to get her chewing!  She did pretty well considering it was pretty major surgery!

Tyler has started grade 1 today! He was a bit sad last night, not wanting to go, but today he was great at home and in the car. We found his new room and he has a few friends from his old prep class – phew! BUT as i went to leave i did notice his little mouth trying to hold it in! OMG guy! I had to rush out, if i lingered he would have started.  I’ll make sure i’m there early to see him when he comes out!

June Bug is off to kindy today – last year before prep! whoohoo! Shes tough and all good! and ME – well I am back into work mode! Need to make the most of my time and get productive so i must go – get myself another coffee and get cracking… lots happening this year, i will post more about later 🙂

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