Got my faux suede swatch from #spoonflower the other day. The colours look great! What could I make with more of this ? #magic #fabric

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 Got my faux suede swatch from #spoonflower the other day. The colours look great!  What could I make with more of this ? #magic #fabric

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  • Jonnie says:

    Caillng all cars, calling all cars, we’re ready to make a deal.

  • That\’s really thinking out of the box. Thanks!

  • Apolonia says:

    I just received the Artistry at the Piano books and have to admit that I’m a bit fmemloxud about where to start. I’ll have to keep working through it.I really like to get the students into the Introductory conservatory books as soon as I can because they are so much fun. The Conservatory Canada one is particularly good. I think I’ve decided that I like to do the CC intro, then the RCM introductory, then gr. 1. It seems like a good transition.I like PA but I also really like Music Tree. Some of the songs aren’t as fun but I like the approach it takes. However, now that I have a couple of students in PA 2 A, I’m really enjoying it good music for them to play. I played a recording of Turkish March today for one of my students who asked.

  • – Wow l never thought of it like that, it’s very satisfying to hear. I’m glad what we do has some effect. We just try to make people laugh first and foremost, everything else is a bonus. The community that’s developed is incredible and that’s largely down to listeners like yourself who get involved. So thanks to you too

  • Fede says:

    Glad you are teaching them RIGHT – about anlmias and animal care – it is all fun and games until someone looses an eye – and you are making sure that does not happen on your watch – and they are still having FUN! Take care!

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