Crystal meditation time with my fav people x

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 Crystal meditation time with my fav people x

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Kat Kalindi Cameron is an illustrator and designer who licenses her artwork for fabric, stationary, apparel, home decor and more. If you are interested in using any artwork for licensing or commissions please email

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  • Yann says:

    I don’t think Apple is at fault at all. They have implemented the pshare It’s as easy to use as an iPod as one of their core business models to promote to the public to gain awareness on the Mac brand, and judging by their quickly increasing sales, it’s working. They shouldn’t allow some third-party company to rip off their products. Notice how a company hasn’t tried to do this to Apple in the past because they had lousy sales. Now Apple is making a 180ba turn around in the computer world and this is just one flaw that comes with such attention. I don’t think the Apple business model should be compared to the Windows business model, as some people like to speculate on, because one company (Windows) is all about licensing software to numerous hardware companies while Apple is all about making software and hardware in unison.

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