Car boot packed for family outing!

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 Car boot packed for family outing!

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  • Claude says:

    *formWHY DID I SAY ROOM? *reachs down to head and facepalms*ARGHHHHH MY HAND’S NOW ON FIRE! *sceams and dunks hand in lake* BAD heady. *glares*Today this crnseovation happened:Friend: So is Ipswich down south?Me: Uh, yeah.Friend: Is it near London?Me: Uhermmmm . . . kinda.Friend: Is it, like, two hours away?Me: One or two, yeah. You know on a map of England, *moves hand in line* with the Humber being a gap here? *makes crack in line* Well, you know this big lump sticking out the side of England here? *moves hand downward and outlines lump* Norfolk’s the top of the lump, and Sufdolk is the bottom. Ipswick is in the crack here. *indicates bottom left of lump*(IT WAS A VERY BAD WAY OF SHOWING WHERE IPSWICH IS AS I WAS JUST WIHGLING MY HAND ABOUT IN THE AIR BUT WHATEVER)Friend: *ignores my air map* So ie that why you have a bit of a southeren accent? Well, not really southeren, but not, like, from Yorkshire . . .Me: Oh, do I still have that? Good. I never hear my own voice, you see . . .

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